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Solatube Tubular Skylights

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Solatube Skylight in Living Area

Solatube Before and After

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Imagine using the 14-inch Solatube to bathe your large living areas in sunlight, as shown here.  For more expansive areas and higher light levels, there is a 21-inch Solatube.

Solatube is also perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells, home offices, and entryways. If you need to light a small space, such as a bathroom, hallway, or walk-in closet, you may want to choose the compact 10-inch Solatube tubular skylight.

The patented transition box converts the round tubing to a 24” (600mm x 600mm) square diffuser, allowing for easy installation in suspended ceilings as well as hard ceiling applications.

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